ABC – A celebration of womanhood and the power of giving life. For this collection, Delfina Delettrez puts a contemporary reinterpretation on the tradition of gifting precious jewels to new born babies. Crafted from yellow gold, a natural repellant of bacteria and pearls that require human touch to stay alive, creating a collection full of warmth and ready to stamp with a mothers story.

Delicate metal medals, usually used to engrave a newborns name, date of birth and blood group are featured through out. Incorporated into a tender band to form an adjustable bracelet or at to end of an illustrative single earring. A single pearl is penetrated by a sphere of gold that dangles from a fine chain draping on the chest. Delettrez’s signature Eye and Lip Piercings are reimagined on a petite scale. Gold letters from A to Z gently dangle from miniature enamel lips and eyes.