Inspired by the lights and mystery of UFOs and other alien objects in the sky, the fall-winter collection is an exploration of unearthly colors and lights floating in space. Delettrez introduces for the first time the use of topaz, a stone that offers a versatility of strong colors that mimic the mysterious bright lights of otherworldly objects. Large, colorful stones are set in invisible settings, having the stone seemingly float on the wearer’s body in an unearthly way.

Bracelets and earrings are made into geometric folding shapes, featuring a single side of brightly colored enamel. These pieces are rendered in triangles, squares and circles and show their versatility in their ability to be stacked, as well as their ability to fold on themselves as a function of protecting the colorful enamel and creating ease of transportation for the wearer. The pieces can be worn alone or stacked together, and coordinate with the bright and geometric pieces of past collections. Bracelets are also made from yellow and white silver, with geometric shapes melded together to create a uniquely visual piece.