An old assembly line from the 1950s, in penicillin green -the same color Delfina Delettrez uses– is the scene for the new collection called “roll-in-stones”.

This time in Delfina’s factory there are little bees working in perpetual motion, killer mosquitoes, virus-carrying flies and more… like in the compelling macabre novel by Scottish writer Iain Banks, “The Wasp Factory”, in which the perverse and diabolical protagonist Frank decides to kill insects through machinery and explosives.

The title “roll-in-stones” was not chosen haphazardly: the stones and pearls actually move, they roll and mesh together into the metal. The ring-like concentric circles move and dance on the body like gyroscopes. Metallic drapes cradle precious stones and pearls. Yellow gold fades into pink. The metal frays trailing off into infinite drops of rubies… like little drops of blood.