Delfina Delettrez x The Gentlewoman



As if cocktail hour could be made any more glamorous an expanse of drinking time, a brand new invention arrives. Ever since olives were introduced to martinis in 1920s America, the aim has been to skewer the slippery fruit with a tool equal in style to the suave drink it accompanies. With the help of the jeweller Delfina Delettrez Fendi, the solution has been found.

A sleek rhodium-plated stainless-steel needle, embellished with a pearl, a green agate, or a blue or pink chalcedony in its turning sphere. Delicious.

The pearl-studded cocktail needle comes in a sociable pair, giving you and your companion something fabulous to play with over a merry têtê-à-têtê.

While one olive is considered classic, up to three will fit along a needle’s 11.5cm shaft. With four limited edition styles available, buy the set and start a drinking game. Cheers!

The Cocktail needles are available on The Gentlewoman and Delfina Delettrez.