Delfinasia – A short movie by Asia Argento

DLTM project – LTM stands for long term memory – in these days of questioning and wondering about the future, Delfina though that revisiting the past would have been a way to visualise directions and possibilities. She decided to go through her archive, select and share with you projects that have been done in the past 12 years.
Hope you will enjoy.

Delfinasia is an intimate film written and directed by Asia Argento. The story telling spans four generation of women through an oneiric journey of Delfina Delettrez.

When a few friends happen to spend their summer together at La Canonica, the family house in Ronciglione, very close to Rome, they launch this poetic project. Carried away by the magic in this former friars house, they throw themselves into producing a 7-minutes short film about Delfina’s 9-month pregnancy. During 9 months, Delfina went through all the questioning and mood changes. The day after the shooting, Delfina gave birth to Emma fifth generation in a bloodline of women, it had to be a girl and to her first jewelry collection.