Celebrating her ongoing study of nature, Delfina Delettrez designs a unique capsule collection, INSECTMANIA for Dover Street Market.

An investigation into the fetishistic theory of the subconscious notion that we are most attracted to that which repels us the most. The brooch originates from an ongoing series, first envisioned in 2012, as a personal desire to overcome Delfina’s Entomophobia and an ongoing study of nature. Playing with perspective and scale, she enlarged the body and added movement in the kinetic body parts while always staying true to the reality of natures creatures from which she draws inspiration.

Consisting of three unique INSECTMANIA brooches handmade in her Roman atelier from either rose silver and freshwater pearls, silver and quartz or black silver and tourmaline. Each brooch includes a taxidermy insect from her personal collection, preserved in resin to form the tail.

Alongside the brooches, the collection includes a pair of earrings with silver claws and long kinetic legs and antennas framing the large tourmaline body. The same shape is enlarged to form the pendant of a necklace set on a chain of natural freshwater pearls and a miniature brooch.

To commemorate the unique collection, each piece will be presented in a bespoke entomological glass display box featuring a metal plate inscribed with it’s unique number in the limited series. Alongside an installation of the pieces in the DSM Jewellery Space of London, New York and Ginza where the brooches will be placed under maxi microscopic lenses as if in a laboratory.