Love is in the hair – 2011

DLTM project – LTM stands for long term memory – in these days of questioning and wondering about the future, Delfina though that revisiting the past would have been a way to visualise directions and possibilities. She decided to go through her archive, select and share with you projects that have been done in the past 12 years.
Hope you will enjoy.

In her lyrical jewelry collection, Love is in the Hair, Delfina Delettrez looks to a woman’s tresses as muse.

To exhibit the collection in 2011, Delfina created 11 dynamic hair sculptures inspired by historical woman and fantastical characters. Love is in the Hair is an eclectic array of jewelry and accessories incorporating both precious and unconventional materials. Love, memory and mementos play signature roles in this collection, crystallising Delfina’s friends locks of hair into heart shaped resin chokers.