Delfina Delettrez Fendi is a designer and jeweller based in Rome. She founded her company, Delfina Delettrez, in 2007. Since the inception of her brand, she has developed a signature perspective using a wide material vocabulary, manifested in her original use of figurative surrealism and natural iconography including hands, eyes, bees, and lips. These adorn different parts of the anatomy, in a continuous game of echoes.
Delettrez’s latest work explores a more conceptual sense of the surreal: instead of adding, she now subtracts, viewing precious stones as self-sufficient in themselves and creating ‘phantom settings’ which give the illusion of fine jewels floating around the body.

In 2009 Louvre’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris purchases the “Kiss a Frog” ring and “Original Sin” bracelet, to be part of the permanent collection in the Jewellery section, making her the youngest designer to be showcased at the venerated museum.



October Delfina Delettrez launches the first collection “Original Sin” at Colette, Paris


March – In collaboration with Causse Delfina Delettrez creates 5 pairs of jewelry gloves.

September – Presentation of Delfina Delettrez’s collection DELIRIUM at Le Grand Véfour: the mythical restaurant of the XVIII century, at Palais Royal in Paris. On the same occasion she also presented a sunglasses collection created in collaboration with Alain Mikli.


January – Louvre’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris purchases the “Kiss a Frog” ring and “Original Sin” bracelet, to be part of the permanent collection in the Jewellery section.

March – Delfina Delettrez presents GARDEN OF DELIGHT inspired by dreamlike visions, ancient beliefs and superstition. The jewels were displayed on stuffed animals at Deyrolle, Paris.

June – Delfina Delettrez creates special jewels designed for “I am Love” directed by Luca Guadagnino featuring Tilda Swinton, Marisa Berenson and Alba Rohrwacher.

October – ANATOMIK is presented at the Louvre’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs. The pieces were displayed on columns that have protruding mouths, eyes, hands and noses.


March – MY WORLD is presented in a singular space, a former theatre from the 1930’s in the heart of Saint Germain, Paris.

On the same occasion Delfina presents “Arty Shoes”, a collaboration between Delfina Delettrez and the shoes designer Giuseppe Zanotti.

September – Delfina Delettrez’s new collection explores the ambiguous overlapping of feminine and masculine giving sensuality to male items: shirts, collars and cuffs, jacket revers is the theme of this ironic jewellery collection, WE–MEN.

The second collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti is also inspired by the masculine-feminine style, with collar and button details.

December – WE-MEN collection is presented at Art Basel Miami Beach by Tomas Maier Gallery.


March – An old assembly line from the 1950s is used to display the new collection named ROLL-IN STONES, presented in Paris Saint Germain’s former theatre.

March – Delfina Delettrez for Kenzo: for the Fall-Winter 2012 womenwear collection, Delfina Delettrez designed a collection of jewels inspired by interior accents such as bowls of walnuts and fruits. Real walnuts are preserved in resin and encased in shells crafted from metal.

September – Delfina Delettrez for Kenzo: the second collaboration with the French Maison for the Summer 2012 women’s collection is introduced.

September – Delfina Delettrez creates a series of special items for the Gagosian Gallery Shop in New York. A special edition of one of her iconic pieces: the “Stonehand” bracelet.

October – Launch of LOVE IS IN THE HAIR collection in the Saint Germain space. The collection was presented on 11 dynamic hair sculptures inspired by historical women and fantastical characters.

October – Colette dedicates their street shop window to Delfina, exhibiting the installation and collection LOVE IS IN THE HAIR.


February – Delfina Delettrez for Kenzo: Delfina Delettrez designed jewels for the Menswear Fall-Winter 2013 collection.

March – METALPHYSIC collection is presented at the Louvre’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. The pieces are created using ancient artisanal goldsmith techniques and the detailing of the micro-mosaics, it celebrates the miraculous architecture in Rome’s churches and palaces from antiquity and the modern day. Delfina introduces also the iconic single piercing earring for the first time.

March – Delfina Delettrez for Kenzo: bows and eyes crossed the catwalk of the Womenswear Fall-Winter 2013 Collection.

June – Gallery Antonella Villanova featured a solo exhibition in Florence entitled “Delfinarium”. A comprehensive look at Delfina Delettrez’s path as a jeweller that included a selection of one of a kind and limited edition pieces, carefully selected from the ten collections that Delettrez created during her five years as a jeweller.

September – Delfina Delettrez’ INFINITY collection plays with reflection, material architecture and optical illusions, continuing the designer’s interest in collectible, mixed-media jewellery with unexpected twists. The collection features faceted metals with highly polished reflective surfaces inset with pearls and precious stones that, like a hall of mirrors, create the impression of infinity.

November – Delfina Delettrez opens an exhibition at Galleria O., Roma. She presented a selected number of iconic jewellery pieces belonging to different collections she created between 2010 and 2012.

December – A solo exhibition of Delfina Delettrez was showcased by Antonella Villanova gallery at Design Miami 2012.


March – Delfina Delettrez creates a short film MAGIC TRIANGLE in collaboration with Daniel Sannwald to present her eponymous collection.

September – Delfina Delettrez presents her NEVER TOO LIGHT collection at Almine Rech Gallery, Paris, where she introduced what would become her iconic Dots ring. The collection focused on light, weightless, timeless.

September – Delfina Delettrez for FENDI FURRY TALES jewellery collection: this daring collection brought together the Eye, one of Delfina’s signature design motifs, and Fur, Fendi’s symbol and icon.

September – She was chosen to become part of BoF500 – The people shaping the global fashion industry.


March – Delfina Delettrez creates a short film with Daniel Sannwald to launch her GOLD VEIN collection. The film charts an imaginary, temporal journey beyond space and time to create a surreal vision of another world.

March – Delfina Delettrez for FENDI MOON DUST jewellery collection. From the Earth to the Galaxy, a mutation of rocks come to life. This is the idea behind Fendi’s jewellery collection.

September – She presented her HANDroid collection, an exploration of high jewellery and body movement and a study of hyper anatomy at Almine Rech Gallery, Paris.


February – Delfina Delettrez opens her first London boutique, located at 109 Mount Street, Mayfair. A contemporary cabinet de curiosité, the store is comprised of two floors spanning 650 square feet and was designed in collaboration with architect Rafael de Cárdenas.

February Delfina has been chosen as curator of  ‘A Magazine Curated By Delfina Delettrez’, a landmark issue which focused on the abstract theme of ‘gold’ with contributions from an international array of artist, designers, photographers, stylists, architects and philosophers.

March – Delfina Delettrez presented the MARRY ME collection, a reinterpretation and contemporary look at the traditional jewellery codes and design concepts of wedding jewellery for which she asks “Why do women who refuse standard love accept a standard ring?” The collection also sees the introduction of the engagement bracelet, piercing and nose ring, worn on the septum or wing of the nose offering  an engaging alternative.

June – Delfina Delettrez introduced EARclipse for Autumn-Winter 2015, a fine jewellery collection of elliptical double earrings inspired by an observation of the lunar eclipse as an alchemical event.

September – The FACETED collection is presented at Almine Rech Gallery, Paris. Introducing the finely jewelled Portrait Brooch, imagined in different forms to become customisable. The piece becomes a marriage between art and jewellery.


January Delfina Delettrez was named one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 – an annual round-up that celebrates the “brightest young entrepreneurs, breakout talents, and change agents”.

February – A selection of works are included in Beauty—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, the fifth instalment of the museum’s signature contemporary design exhibition series with a focus on aesthetic innovation.

March – Delfina Delettrez introduces PORTRAIT, the collection of rings takes inspiration from her generation’s fascination with emoticons and their increased visibility in modern language. Merged with her ever popular Dots rings, the fine rings evolve into seven new characters all with their own emotions and personalities.

April – POLICROMIA FENDI A voyage through time from the mysterious myth to the future, Policromia is the new exclusive Fendi Timepieces watch designed in collaboration with Delfina Delettrez.

June – TODAY TOMORROW A collection of one-of-a-kind unique fine jewellery is designed to coincide with the Mount Street Boutique’s one year anniversary. The unique pieces are crafted from traditional stones of yesterday combined with contemporary design of tomorrow in the Roman atelier to forge a timeless classic that speak both of the past and the future.

June – ABC A celebration of womanhood and the power of giving life. For this collection, Delfina Delettrez puts a contemporary reinterpretation on the tradition of gifting precious jewels to new born babies.

September – Delfina Delettrez presents her new collection DROPS at Almine Rech Gallery in Paris.

December – Delfina Delettrez won the “PREMIO GIOVANI IMPRESE – Believing in the Future” award.


March – Delfina Delettrez presents her collection 360°.  ‘A refined hybrid between the ancient and the hypermodern. An exploration of a kaleidoscopic optical prism and a celebration of craft and the raw material’.

October – Delfina Delettrez presents her collection TWIN, a tale of kindred contrasts.


March – Delfina Delettrez presents her collection ZIP CODE introducing a functional approach to her design process where form follows function with a ludic twist. The pearl is not just an embellishment but it becomes functional like a zip closure which anchor the earring to the lobe.

October – Delfina Delettrez presents the TWO IN ONE collection, where she plays with the contrast between punk and classic aesthetics. Round bands are rendered in white and yellow gold and embellished with miniature ball bearings or freshwater pearls to form micro-hoops that puncture through the collection, adding motion to the pieces in their conflicting metals.


February – FENDI and The Webster celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Roman Maison’s Peekaboo bag and of the American luxury multi-brand retailer with a one-of-a-kind series of the iconic bag customized for the occasion by Delfina Delettrez. For this double celebration, Delfina Delettrez has reinterpreted the legendary bag designed by her mother Silvia Venturini Fendi in 2008, giving life to four limited-edition variants that perfectly embody the designer’s creativity and personality which, combined with the timeless allure of the legendary Peekaboo and the Maison’s savoir-faire, turns these creations into modern pieces with a unique aesthetic.

March – Dover Street Market announces a collaborative fine jewelry project with Diamond Foundry, the leader in aboveground diamonds. Six of the world’s most renowned contemporary fine jewelry designers, including Delfina Delettrez, have been united around Diamond Foundry’s drive towards sustainable and ethical practices within the Industry to create a unique and exclusive jewelry collection using diamonds created by Diamond Foundry.

March – Delfina Delettrez presents the TWO IN ONE collection, where she continues to play with the contrast between punk and classic aesthetics. Round band in white and yellow gold are embellished with akoya pearls, the quintessence of classic, and white gold piercing that, in a rebellious spirit, drill the diamonds.

May – Delfina Delettrez announces a collaboration with St.Regis Hotels & Resorts, an exclusive capsule collection inspired by the Roman hotel’s timeless elegance and the duality of the Eternal City.

September – Delfina Delettrez presents her new collection TOURBILLON at Almine Rech Gallery in Paris. Delfina Delettrez unveils a collection of precise, articulated pieces where the searing clarity of white diamonds invokes alchemical conversations with titanium, white and yellow gold.

September – Delfina Delettrez opens her new flagship store in Via di Monserrato, Rome.


March – Delfina Delettrez presents the “1987” collection, a sporting myth perpetuated around Chris Evert, the American grand slam tennis champion: the tale of a diamond line bracelet that flew from her wrist onto the court mid-rally. A name stuck: the ‘tennis’ bracelet. Continuing her detournement of traditional jewellery styles, Delfina takes the sparkle of the sinuous tennis bracelet and fuses it with her own vocabulary. Perpetuating a witty dualism, flat and rigid yellow gold meets supple lines of brilliant cut solitaires set in white gold. Split down the middle, a necklace and bracelet are articulated: one side solid, the other liquid-like. From a single piercing, one ‘tennis’ diamond cuff trails up the lobe and falls in a soft trail of diamonds; another suspends trompe l’oeil diamond hoops and liquid strands from a curved gold pin. Yet another ‘tennis’ strand appears to pierce the ear itself, falling softly down from a hidden hoop. Half-tennis, half gold rings can be worn three ways.