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Delfina Delettrez opened her jewellery store in the historic centre of Rome, just steps away from Piazza Navona, at 67 Via del Governo Vecchio.

She defines her intimate boutique as “a jewellery box” decorated with furniture from a pharmacy of the late 19th century, structured with shelves, window cases and 185 small drawers with 185 antique knobs that she personally collected which conceal dreams and precious objects.

To her brand’s colours, ivory, black and gold, Delfina Delettrez added a touch of absinthe green and penicillin green, a “tribute” to the drugs, venoms, herbs, swills and potions that were once sold in this antique pharmacy which has become a “little jeweller’s workshop,” and whose snakes, insects and frogs are made of gold, silver, precious gemstones, and organic materials.